Why Hire an RV for Your Next Holiday?

Recreational vehicles, better known by the abbreviation ‘RV’, are a popular choice among travellers exploring destinations as exciting as New Zealand, Australia and the US. These vehicles offer a wide range of benefits in comparison to hiring a car and with RV rental locations in the most popular destinations in the abovementioned countries among many others, you’ll find it very convenient to hire an RV for your next holiday. Here are some of the many reasons why travellers hire RVs for their holidays, both domestically and abroad.

RVs are Affordable

Sure, hiring an RV will usually cost more than hiring a car, but there are many ways that you save by hiring a recreational vehicle over a sedan or van.

  • You take your accommodation with you. By hiring an RV, you’ve got your accommodation for the entire trip sorted out before you depart. While you could stay in campsites and pay a small fee, you can avoid this charge by parking your RV by the side of the road (where feasible) and spending the night there.
  • Groups can travel together – As RVs can accommodate small groups comfortably, travellers can hire just the one vehicle and split the costs. This works out more affordably than hiring separate cars, which doubles rental and fuel costs.

RVs are a cost-effective choice of hire vehicle when travelling the world, but that’s not the only reason that endears them to travellers.

RVs Come Fully-Equipped

Unlike a car or van, RVs come with all the equipment you need to travel comfortably. In addition to a comfortable bed, they also feature a small kitchen, the comprehensiveness of which depends on the vehicle that you hire. This saves you having to lug around camping and cooking equipment from home or purchase the equipment you require at your destination. A basic camping van should feature the following:

  • Double bed that folds out.
  • Gas stove and kitchen sink.
  • Fold out table and fridge.

That’s all you need for a short or long break travelling through the landscapes of destinations as exciting as California, the Australian Outback or New Zealand’s South Island, making an RV the ideal vehicle for your next adventure abroad. And with many RV rental locations in these popular destinations among others, you won’t find it difficult to hire a suitable RV that meets all your travelling needs from a leading camping van rental agency.

You Can Stay Anywhere

Well, nearly anywhere! Depending on where you’re travelling, you’ll find that there are many places you can stay the night for free that you can’t if you’re pitching a tent. For example, in Australia there are countless places that enable travellers to spend the night for free and while the facilities are usually very basic, as you’ve got your cooking equipment and bed in the van, that’s all you’ll need!

Wherever in the world you’re travelling next, hiring an RV is an excellent option as it’s cost-effective, comes with everything you need and increases your accommodation options exponentially. Why not book a camping van for your next holiday today?